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Homes located in warm Mediterranean or desert climates require special types of materials in order to withstand the heat and frequent gusts of wind. Homeowners must pay particular attention to the materials making up the roof. When a house is being built or when the roofing system needs to be replaced, experienced Folsom roofing professionals can help homeowners choose the best type of roofing materials.

The first issue to consider for a home located in a warm or hot environment is the color of the rooftop. A black roof will absorb much more of the sun's heat than a roof of any other color. Whenever possible, the property owner should choose a different option, such as gray, brown or green.

Another consideration will be the type of material used for the exterior layer of the roof. While asphalt shingles are the standard across most of the United States, houses in hot places may be better off with alternative materials. A metal roof will not get as hot and typically lasts 2 or 3 times longer than asphalt shingles.

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A rooftop done in clay tiles looks right at home in the desert or seaside climate, has a long lifespan and reflects the sun's heat back into the atmosphere. One of the newest roofing material options is what industry experts refer to as a "cool roof" or a "green roof." This type of roofing structure involves growing a variety of plants, such as grasses, ground cover or even vegetables and fruits on the roof of a home or building.

In addition to the type of material, homeowners may also want to consider the installation of a radiant barrier. Radiant barriers are thin sheets of flexible material, such as aluminum, that are almost like paper due to their thinness. Radiant barrier sprays are also in development and may be an alternative for some homes. These waterproof and windproof sheets are affixed to the roof's plywood before the shingles or tiles are laid.

One additional type of material that property owners in warm climates often overlook is insulation. While insulation is typically recommended for properties that are located on colder areas of the nation, it is also important in warm and hot climates. Because insulation eliminates unwanted air exchange with the outdoors, it helps reduce the amount of radiant heat that is able to reach the interior of the home. Adding insulation lowers cooling costs in the summer.

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