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After an earthquake, many California homeowners have immediate concerns regarding natural gas lines, electrical wires and their homes' foundations. However, the rooftop also deserves some attention. Earthquakes and aftershocks may cause separations of the roof from the home as well as other types of damage. Property owners who know what types of roofing problems to look for in the aftermath of an earthquake will be able to make wise decisions about when a Folsom roofing contractor needs to be contacted for assistance and repairs.

When the house has a chimney, the owners should look at the mortar joints for signs of disrepair. Cracked mortar, missing mortar and bricks that have fallen out of the chimney are all a cause for concern. Any of these signs are suggestive of imminent failure of the chimney's structure. Because of this, homeowners may prefer to use binoculars to look at the chimney rather than leaning a ladder against it to get a close up view. Chimneys in disrepair could fall onto the rooftop, resulting in a roof collapse. If the chimney is damaged in any way, homeowners should consider evacuating the home until the structure can be inspected by engineers.

Another area of the roof that an earthquake may damage is the connection between the rafters and the walls.

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When an earthquake occurs, the shaking and twisting movements of the earth may cause the nails between the home's walls and the roofing rafters and trusses to loosen. Once the walls and roof have separated from each other along one or more sides, the entire structure may be in jeopardy. Homeowners can look for problems such as gaps between the walls and roof or in the ceilings in the attic of the home.

The shaking of an earthquake may also cause holes to open up in the roof. This may be the result of weakened trusses or a loosening of fasteners between the joists and rafters. The property owner may be able to temporarily place a protective tarp over the hole in the roof until permanent repairs can be performed.

Minor damage can also develop on a home's roofing materials after an earthquake. Homeowners should check for missing, cracked or curled shingles. Damaged shingles may allow water to enter the home during the next rainstorm. The gutters or downspouts may also loosen from the roof's eaves after an earthquake. A homeowner may be able to refasten the rain gutter or downspout.

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