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When a new roof is being put onto a house, the old materials have to go somewhere. While most Folsom roofing contractors will handle the waste disposal themselves, some homeowners would like to know more about what happens to their old rooftops, gutters, downspouts and shingles. In other cases, the property owner retains responsibility for the proper disposal of the waste. Understanding where the waste from a roofing replacement goes and what can be done with it can help homeowners learn more about the resources that go into the roofs on their homes.

The first step in a roof replacement project is tearing off the old roof. In some cases, the roofing felt and wooden decking must also be updated. The homeowner may even have new gutters, downspouts and gutter covers installed. This creates quite an abundance of mixed debris. There are two primary ways that the waste stream is handled by the workers or homeowner.

One way to handle the roofing detritus is to sort it as it is removed. Some of the items, including metal roofing nails, vent covers, ridge caps, gutters and downspouts can be recycled.

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Many municipalities are also able to recycle asphalt shingles, clay or slate tiles. Non recyclable materials such as tar paper or roofing felt can be put into a separate receptacle and hauled to a landfill while the remainder is taken to a recycling facility. A few locales allow for recycling of wood, either through chipping machines that shred the old boards into mulch or as a part of a city compost program.

The other way that the old roof can be disposed of is to simply put all of the materials into one large Dumpster and hauling it to a sorting center where the employees or machines will sort through and decide what can be reprocessed and what is waste. This process may involve more disposal fees than sorting the old roofing materials at the job site, but it may be more convenient and gets the waste off site faster.

Of the materials that can be recycled, the metal parts can be infinitely reused. They will be sorted into their component metals such as steel, copper or aluminum, melted down and turned into new items, perhaps even new gutters. The old asphalt shingles are often processed and shredded to be used as filler in roads, asphalt driveways or as a rubberized mulch on playgrounds.

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