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Having a new roof installed on a home can be a very big deal. Not only can the work be noisy and disrupt the home's occupants, but increased noise and traffic can also cause problems for the neighbors. Once a new roof install has been scheduled, there are several things that homeowners should be aware of and prepare for. A Folsom roofing contractor can always provide more information about what to expect during a roofing project.

One of the most important things that homeowners should realize is that removing the old roof and installing the new roofing materials is a messy job. The contractor will need to bring a dumpster up to the house, meaning the driveway may be inaccessible during the tear off and install. Because pieces of roof can fall onto flowers and other vegetation, homeowners may wish to cover the vegetation to reduce the risk of damage. Any sprinkler systems should be clearly marked, and lawn ornaments or outdoor potted plants should be removed.

The work being done to the roof can also affect the inside of the home.

A Roofing from Allstate Roofing of Folsom CA would be happy to answer any question you have about storm damage or residential roofing.

During the tear off and install, roofers will be walking around on top of the roof, and there will be plenty of hammering. This can cause the home's structure to shake. Anything that is mounted onto the ceiling, including chandeliers or hanging plants, could crack or break, and should be secured if possible. Additionally, especially if the home has multiple floors, artwork and pictures that are hanging on the wall could fall off and break. Homeowners may wish to move glass or breakable items from high shelves to a safe location until the project is completed.

If the home is located in a compact neighborhood, it is likely that any roofing project will affect the neighbors in some way. The waste receptacle may take up several parking spaces on a street, and the project will of course be noisy. It is highly recommended that homeowners let their neighbors know well in advance about the roofing project so that the neighbors have time to prepare for any disruption to their daily routine.

Most professional roofers understand that having a new roof installed can be a confusing process and will make it as easy for homeowners as possible. If homeowners are unsure of how to best to protect their property, their contractor can offer information regarding what needs to be protected during a major roofing project.

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