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Folsom Roofing: Article About Repairing Versus Replacing A Roof

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When a roof is in need of repair, the course of action for the homeowner is not always completely clear. While there are certainly instances in which the nature of the damage leads to a single repair option, many times, homeowners must weigh the benefits and drawbacks of a potential course of action. The extent and type of damage the roof has suffered will absolutely play a role, but there are other issues for homeowners to take into account as well.

Cost analysis is an obvious consideration, and homeowners may wish to consult with a Folsom roofing professional in order to understand the cost of completing any of the available repair or replacement options. A professional can discuss the immediate costs of roof repair and the potential long term costs of delaying roof replacement. A homeowner with a newer roof, for example, may find it more palatable to patch the roof while a homeowner whose roof is closer to the end of its lifespan will recognize that roof replacement is the more sensible option.

A homeowner who is planning on selling their home will have additional factors to consider. While a homeowner who extends the life of their roof by a decade by choosing to repair it with a patch will likely have little issue with the potential drawbacks relating to aesthetics, a prospective home buyer may feel otherwise.

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The immediate cost of replacing the roof will be greater than just repairing it with a patch, but a recently installed roof is a much better selling point than a recently patched roof.

To some homeowners, however, the look of their roof is an important consideration. Even when using matching shingles, a patch may still stand out as a result of the existing shingles being exposed to the elements and fading, making the newer shingles more easily identifiable. Additionally, many homeowners' associations require a certain look or uniform color in regards to the roof.

Ultimately, the homeowner will have to weigh these factors according to their specific circumstances. Simple repairs such as replacing broken or missing shingles do not require a replacement, but major damage, such as the type caused by high winds, often requires the installation of a brand new roof. If replacing the roof is most beneficial, the homeowner will then have to consider whether roofing over the existing roof is more ideal than a full tear off as each option has its own short and long term benefits.

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