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When a new roof is necessary, homeowners should take this chance to really look at all the materials available for installation. Shingles aren't the only option for structures, especially with metal paneling being manufactured with more styles and colors than ever before. As homeowners work closely with Folsom roofing professionals, they can learn all about metal paneling upgrade details and benefits.

Before any formal estimates can be completed, contractors must inspect the rooftop for stability. A shingled roof does have some weight added by the materials, but metal is understandably heavier. Contractors must verify a given roof can hold the panels without compromising the structure's strength. Unless a home is incredibly old or has foundational issues, most structures can hold metal panels safely with professional installation.

Although shingles have several color choices, metal panels have many more hues to choose between because of their paintable surface. Contractors go over textures, styles and colors with homeowners, allowing them to make a clear decision on exterior decor. Light colors are well suited for warmer regions, whereas dark paneling is better applied to homes in cooler areas. Roofers guide homeowners' decisions for the best material application within the region.

Homeowners usually understand that shingles are strong against weathering damage, but metal is even better.

A roofing expert from Allstate Roofing of Folsom CA would be happy to answer any question you have about skylights or storm damage.

Paneling cannot lift up under high winds, making it a superior barrier to possible leaks into the home. Because of its strength and longevity, many metal panels come with a 50 year warranty. Contractors discuss this warranty and its limitations during contract negotiations. When an area is prone to a lot of wind gusts, metal paneling is the best choice for long term structural protection.

One of the best features of metal paneling is hidden fasteners. These connectors are covered by metal seams, making it nearly impossible for screws to be rusted or worn down over time. Homeowners should note that metal paneling still requires basic yearly maintenance to protect the overall installation. Fasteners and paneling are inspected with each appointment for a quality rooftop every year.

It's important for homeowners to understand metal paneling has a slightly longer installation period compared to shingles. Metal roof fasteners must be used instead of nails, for example. Experienced contractors have the skills necessary to affix all fasteners in an expeditious manner. Roofers will provide homeowners with a timeline that safely includes all removal and installation processes, making the roof an investment to be proud of for many years.

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