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Living roofs are becoming a popular option for urban dwellers because they can offer a beautiful green space while helping lower the cost of cooling a building. Living roofs have been around for hundreds of years in some areas of the world, but they are being increasingly used on buildings in the U. S. because they combat the heat island effect. Talking with a certified Folsom roofing professional can help property owners decide if a living roof is a viable option for their property.

Living roofs can range in size from quite small to huge depending on the needs of the property and the owner. There are three different kinds of living roofs: extensive, semi intensive and intensive. The type chosen depends on the space available and the type of roofing structure that is present. Most living roofs are placed on flat roof installations, but they can be installed on sloped roofs as well.

The extensive roof would be the type most used for residential dwellings. This type has a growing medium depth of about 3 to 5 inches and utilizes low growing mosses, sedums and succulents.

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To keep the weight to a minimum, the growing medium is not soil, but a carefully blended, nutrient rich mix. In an extensive installation, the weight will be approximately 15 to 20 pounds per square foot. A living roof of this type requires very little maintenance and no irrigation.

A semi intensive roof is a larger version of an extensive roof, with a greater variety of plant life. The growing medium depth is 5 to 7 inches, and the plant life can be somewhat larger because of this. Ornamental grasses, herbs and perennials can be added to a semi intensive roof in addition to the mosses and sedums used in a smaller installation.

Intensive roofs are reserved for use on large commercial installations and may include putting greens, water features, picnic areas and other recreational areas for the building's occupants to enjoy. Intensive roofs can hold trees, shrubs and a great variety of other plant life. They also provide green space for urban wildlife. Intensive roofs need an irrigation system in order to be maintained properly and they will need adequately reinforced roof decking as well.

Any type of green roof is expected to last up to 80 years or more. They are a greater initial investment, but their longevity, along with their energy saving properties, makes them worthwhile for many consumers.

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