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The roof's flashing is one of the most important components to install correctly. While the shingles will handle the brunt of the weatherproofing duties, the flashing makes sure that no stray moisture collects underneath them. During heavy bouts of wind driven rain, homeowners should make sure that their flashing will be able to handle the stress. One of the most advantageous materials that homeowners may use for their flashing installation is lead. Folsom roofing specialists will recommend a variety of lead solutions for the home as it is a highly durable material that is capable of withstanding all types of chemical and physical strain. Homeowners are encouraged to consider some of the following benefits that come with a lead flashing installation.

To begin, lead is highly durable. It can contract and expand as the temperature changes, all without harming any of the surrounding materials. This makes it particularly useful for homes that regularly experience different atmospheric changes, sometimes in a short period of time. With lead flashing, no matter how hot the summer or how cold the winter, the flashing will be able to withstand the changes without homeowners having to call for a contractor to repair it.

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Lead is a very easy material to work as well, which means that it will not increase the price of installation. Because it is so easy to work, it is often chosen for custom jobs and replacements, particularly in larger homes that may have specific roofing details that need to be protected from moisture. Lead will not catch fire or buckle, no matter what shape it is molded into.

This material is also a very efficient barrier against all types of environmental problems. It is resistant to corrosion from atmospheric effects such as pollution and acid rain, making it ideal for use in cities and coasts. Lead flashing can contribute to the sound resistance in a roof, making it a particularly recommended option for homes that are located at busier intersections of the city.

Finally, lead is a very lightweight material that does not put any additional stress on the gutters or joists in the roof. When it is installed correctly, it can last as long as the home. However, the runoff from lead flashing cannot be used for greywater purposes. Lead is a toxic metal that can corrupt water, no matter the amount of contact. If the homeowner is not interested in applying flashing for agricultural purposes, however, there are few other materials that are as reliable for flashing.

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