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Although rare, icicles can form along the edges of roofs and rain gutters. While these creations are beautiful to look at, they can spell trouble for the safety of property owners and the structural integrity of the roofing system. Fortunately, homeowners can usually remove the ice before any damage takes place. When a homeowner suspects that there is a leak, an inspection by a Folsom roofing service should be scheduled.

The best way to get ice off of a roof's gutters or edges is to slowly melt it away. One way to do this is to stuff a nylon stocking with ice melt. The ice melt is specially formulated to melt ice from surfaces and will not cause damage to the gutters or shingles. The property owner can simply toss the stuffed stocking onto the edge of the roof. The sunshine and ice melting solution will work together to melt the icicles over the course of a few hours.

Another technique for getting icicles off a roof is to apply a metal heating tape to the rain gutters. This tape warms the gutters and melts the ice within them as well as the icicles along their edges. The water will slowly melt and be drained away from the home through the gutters and into the downspouts.

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If the icicles are especially large, a handsaw can be used to cut them apart. This requires great care, as the saw may slip along the smooth surface of the ice. Taking the icicles apart reduces the excess weight on the roof and lessens the amount of water that needs to be melted.

One technique that should not be used is yanking or knocking the icicles down using a blunt object like a shovel or baseball bat. Doing so could cause the entire gutter to fall off the house. Large sheets or sharp pieces of the icicles could go flying through the air, injuring the homeowner. Blowtorches and other types of open flames should also be avoided. These could ignite the house and cause a fire.

Once the icicles are off the home's roof and gutters, the homeowner should take preventive actions so the situation does not recur. Helpful preventive maintenance such as adding attic insulation, sealing up small crevices in the roof and gutters with the appropriate type of caulking and eliminating heat loss through the home's roof can all help with minimizing the formation of icicles on a home.

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