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When people think about the biggest enemies of roofs, mostly natural elements come to mind, including weather and bacteria. However, there are unnatural elements that damage roofs as well, such as oil, grease and chemicals. Hiring Folsom roofing professionals to handle these problems can help homeowners extend the lives of their roofs by slowing down decay.

According to the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association, one of the enemies that roofs face is grease. This is a problem that is more common in restaurants but that can occur in homes where families cook indoors or outside. For families that cook indoors, degradation usually occurs around the exhaust vents in the roofs. Damage to roofs can be caused by contaminants in both animal and vegetable cooking oils. The contaminants break down the polymer bitumen network in the roofing materials. Homeowners can combat this by hiring professional roofers to properly clean their roofs, removing these foreign elements.

Another problem for roofs occurs when homeowners try to clean their own roofs to remove oil, grease and fungi. To aid in the cleaning process, most homeowners purchase harmful chemicals such as oxidizing agents, solvents and acids.

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While these cleaning products do a great job in breaking down the grime and dirt, they also harm the polymer bitumen roofing membrane. For example, solvents are known to temporarily cause polymer bitumen to swell. The swelling and shrinking that the membrane goes through damages the material and causes leaks. Also, while polymers are known to be very resistant to acids, these chemicals still degrade polyester and fiberglass mats.

Another element that effects roofs is bacteria. While it can occur naturally, such growths are compounded by the addition of grease and oil. Homes that are located near food production factories are more likely to sustain the formation of bacteria and fungi. Once these elements take hold, they quickly start to deteriorate roofing materials, which is called "mud cracking." Over time, bacteria and fungi can cause the decay of the bitumen membrane and other roof surface coatings. How quickly they break down the surface coatings depends a lot on the climate where the houses are located. Areas that are humid and hot generally see faster decay because of bacterial attacks.

Foot traffic is another big destroyer of roofs. Homeowners who continuously walk on their roofs are doing more harm than good. Professional roofers are trained to walk on roofs and to spot damage that might have been caused by foot traffic and can fix it right away instead of letting it manifest into a larger problem.

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