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When rain falls on a home, a complex gutter system moves water efficiently to the ground. Although gutters appear simplistic at first glance, they're actually precise pathways that can suffer from poor alignment. Without gutters and consistent care from Folsom roofing professionals, foundation erosion and rooftop deterioration could prematurely damage an entire property.

Contractors inspect gutters closely to verify they are properly connected to the structure itself. The fascia or hanging lumber on a roof's eave is the connection point for gutter lengths. If gutters pull away from the lumber, they cannot funnel water properly off the roof. Gutter lengths may actually break at their seams without the weight being supported by the fascia. New fasteners and even replacement lumber may be necessary to keep the gutters securely attached to the home.

Gutters appear to have a level orientation, but they actually have a slight downward angle. This slant allows water to move rapidly down the gutters, especially if there's light rainfall. Gravity is the only power necessary to efficiently move water down to ground level. Contractors verify the gutter angle at each appointment, adjusting fasteners as necessary if bowing occurs.

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A bend in the gutter length creates a puddling area, for example. If bowing persists, the gutter can break or force water back onto the roof to leak into the attic.

Horizontal gutter lengths connect to vertical elbows at structure corners for most configurations. These elbows have their own angle to transport water downward while pulling the assembly inward from the fascia board for structural protection. Contractors check for tight connections at the elbow and nearby downspout. If any leaks persist along connections, water could puddle along the soil and close to the home. Foundation erosion could eventually cause structural instability and large repair bills to remedy the situation.

With all rainwater moving swiftly through the gutter system, contractors will also verify the downspout's direction at ground level. Water can flow with great force at this point, so roofers verify the moisture travels to local sewers and drains. Splash blocks and even downspout extensions may be used to keep the water far from the foundation for years of reliable drainage.

Ideally, invite contractors to a property at least twice a year to check the gutters. Both shingles and gutters are serviced by roofing professionals, so one appointment typically covers both systems. Being diligent about gutter care can preserve the roof for decades.

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