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Flat roofing is considered more modern and chic than traditional pitched roofing. Not only is it more fashionable; flat roofing also has lower maintenance and can be much more durable than traditional materials. While flat roofing follows the same general principals, there are certain defining factors to identify what time of roof it is. Folsom roofing specialists can give homeowners tips on how to improve the lifespan of the roof.

The most common type of flat roofing is the built up roof. These roofs are primarily made of gravel and tar, which are cheap and long lasting. The tar is poured over the surface of the roof, and then gravel is laid down in a bed over the tar. It is called a built up roof because this process is done over several layers of gravel and tar. The tar acts as a waterproofing adhesive while the gravel is a flame retardant that keeps the tar in form. The downside is that these cannot be installed while the homeowner is occupying the home.

A rubber membrane roof is significantly different from the built up roof. Rather than layers of materials, it is made of a single layer over a concrete or wooden base. These types of roofs are better in warmer climates because they are available in lighter colors that will reflect sunlight and keep the roof cool.

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Overall, these types of roofs are more expensive to purchase and install because of the materials involved, but their durability and ease of maintenance help to make it a viable option over built up roofing. Built up roofing requires a specialist to maintain whereas rubber membrane roofing can easily be repaired with a sealant if there is ever a leak. Also, rubber membrane is naturally a water proof material that is not porous, so potential damage to the framing is further mitigated.

These two types of flat roofing are relatively simple to maintain. It should be noted that whatever roof is installed, special additions will have to be made. For built up roofing, there is the added requirement of ensuring the house is structurally sound. This type of roofing is relatively heavy, and the weight is not distributed on certain points as is done in pitched roofing. For this reason, the framing might have to be modified to take the extra weight. Membrane roofing needs to be checked for indentations that may be prone to ponding when it rains. Ponding can cause the membrane to degrade over time and, at that point, the entire membrane will have to be replaced.

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