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Even building managers who aren't seeking a LEED certification can find plenty of reasons to employ energy efficient and environmentally friendly roof systems. With energy costs on the rise and water in ever shorter supply, facility managers across the state are considering roofs that slash electricity costs and maximize the region's fluctuating natural resources.

Fortunately, there are plenty of efficient, planet friendly roofing systems and retrofits available to low slope commercial buildings. While a facility manager should work closely with a trusted Folsom roofing contractor to find the system that works best for the specified building, there are a few options and trends facility managers should research before heading into a meeting with a roofer.

The benefits of a cool roof in Climate Zones 1 through 3 are well established. Cool roofs reduce power usage at peak times, dramatically cut overall energy costs by at least 15 percent and are typically affordable. Best of all, cool roof properties can be incorporated into existing roofing systems, whether it's through applying a cool roof coating on top of a built up roof or covering a single ply membrane roof with a reflective layer.

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While cool roofs can lose some of their solar reflectivity over time, they extend the life of the roof by protecting it from damaging heat exposure.

Solar panels are also popular local choices, prized for their ability to capture sustainable and profitable natural resources. They can be used in conjunction with other energy efficient roofing systems like cool and green roofs, and their installation costs are usually low. Aside from their notable energy savings, solar roofs also give building managers access to significant federal tax credits, sizable state and local utility rebates, and accelerated five year depreciation on the cost of the system.

An increasing number of businesses throughout the state are also using green roofs to top their buildings. These garden like roofs, sometimes also called vegetated or living roofs, keep rooftops 55 to 65 degrees cooler than traditional roofs, reduce energy expenses by about 20 percent and help manage rainwater runoff. The greenery extends the life of the roof two to three times its natural lifespan.

Similarly, blue roofs are taking the commercial building industry by storm. Blue roofs provide temporary rooftop storage for rainwater using a variety of collection systems. While they are most widely used in large cities, blue roofs have practical and beneficial features in less urbanized areas. They can also be used to irrigate a green roof, or they can be designed to provide a cooling effect in warmer climates.

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