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Most homeowners know that a major storm can wreak havoc on their home, especially the roof. Whether it's a hailstorm, tornado or other disaster, assessment after a storm requires following the right steps. A reputable Folsom roofing contractor will be able to help a homeowner understand the necessary steps and can provide professional guidance throughout the claim and roof repair process.

Of course, it is important to make sure that the home is secured and protected from rain and further damage; however, it is also crucial that homeowners not start the cleanup and repair process before they have filed a claim with their insurance provider.

There are many types of insurance policies, and not all storm damage will be covered for every homeowner. In fact, it is important that homeowners not base their expectations for coverage on insurance claim results filed by family, friends and neighbors. There are numerous factors that determine the type of damages that will be covered as well as the insurance company's liability under a particular policy.

Some homeowners have minimal coverage for their roof, and this is especially true when the roof is older.

The roofers from Allstate Roofing of Folsom would be happy to answer any question you have about skylights or storm damage.

Additionally, the amount of deductible and the specifics of the damage, if any, will all factor into the final claim.

Once a homeowner discovers that their roof has been damaged in a storm, they should contact their insurance agent as soon as possible. The agent will arrange for a claims specialist to come out to the property and assess the damage. It is important that the claims adjuster carefully evaluate all damages in order to determine the payment a homeowner will receive from the insurance company.

After the insurance company has approved payment, the homeowner will be able to choose a licensed contractor to complete the work. An experienced roofing contractor will be able to provide all types of roofing services, including repairing the roof deck, installing new underlayment or a waterproof barrier and even providing a complete tear off of the old roof in order to install new shingles.

Homeowners with specialized roofing materials, such as ceramic tiles, wood shake, slate or clay tile will certainly want to be sure that they hire a contractor who has experience installing these materials. There are times when it is even possible for a roof that has sustained storm damage to be reroofed; however, if too much damage has occurred, chances are the old roof will need to be removed before new roofing materials can be installed.

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