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Folsom Roofing: Article About Damages Caused By Pest Birds

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A few birds roosting in the eaves or gutters may not seem to be a big deal at first. There are many birds that may call a roof home, including sparrows, starlings and chimney swifts. What many homeowners do not know, however, is that these pest birds can cause serious damage to a home over time. Depending on where the birds build their nests, they could become a fire hazard, cause water damage or even cause damage to the roof's supporting structures. While a Folsom roofing contractor may not be able to remove the birds themselves, they can assist with any immediate repairs that need to be made once the birds have been taken care of.

It may be fun to watch roosting birds raise their chicks in the eaves, but the damage that they can cause can be costly for homeowners. The main problem is that bird droppings are extremely acidic. Over time, the accumulation of bird droppings can actually cause the roofing materials to degrade. If enough damage occurs, water can leak through the holes caused by the droppings. Depending on the amount of damage, the accumulation of bird droppings can actually cut the lifespan of the roof in half.

The droppings from pest birds are also known to harbor more than 60 different types of transmittable diseases and parasites.

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When the bird droppings are disturbed, the micro organisms can be inhaled by an occupant of the home, causing poor health.

Pest bird nests themselves can also cause serious damage to the home. Many of these birds build their nests in gutters, drains and in roof corners. If the nests block the drains, water can back up into the roof and leak into the home. If the nest blocks the attic's ventilation system, any diseases from droppings or from the birds themselves can be spread into the home's living areas. Airflow throughout the home can also be blocked, which could lead to a buildup of carbon monoxide. In addition, nests are also made from flammable materials, posing a severe fire risk.

Pest birds can be extremely difficult to remove because of the danger posed by the bird droppings. Once the birds have been removed by a professional, the homeowner will still need to deal with the damage that has occurred. It is recommended that a professional roofer be contacted as soon as possible to mitigate any serious problems that could ultimately result in a roof collapse or substantial structural damage.

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