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Homeowners might spend thousands of dollars on a new roof at least once in their lives. This project is a huge investment, making it crucial to have strong warranty coverage backing up the contractor and material manufacturer. Although homeowners usually understand that a warranty is necessary for any investment, there are several core components that must be discussed with a Folsom roofing professional before signing an agreement.

Every homeowner has a different goal for their property. If they're planning on selling soon, a transferable warranty is attractive because the new owners receive the warranty as if they invested in the rooftop. Although a lifetime warranty sounds appealing, homeowners must plan on staying in the home for many years. Lifetime warranties are only good as long as the original homeowner is still living in the home. When selling time arrives, the warranty is void for the incoming residents.

The main warranty people see for any roofing project is for manufacturer's defects. A shingle could be too thin or cracked, for example. Manufacturer's warranties have to be verified by certified contractors to ensure coverage. However, these warranties don't cover installation mistakes by the contractor.

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Ask for an extensive workmanship warranty to cover labor charges in case of any worker installation problems.

Roofers must discuss manufacturer's warranties before the project begins because there could be tiers involved with coverage. For example, one roofing warranty tier only covers up to a 10 year period compared to a higher coverage level at nearly 50 years. In many cases, these varying warranty tiers require some extra payment to upgrade the service. Simply ask the contractor about all costs and benefits to truly make the roofing work hard for the initial investment.

Shingles could be warrantied for 15 years, but homeowners want more coverage to protect their investment. Extended warranties are possible if homeowners follow strict preventive maintenance schedules. When the original warranty period is almost up, contractors can perform a specialized inspection to verify the roof's stability and material quality. They cover the material for another 5 years, for instance, giving homeowners an incentive to service their rooftop frequently.

Even with a reputable contractor at the job site, roofing materials must have a final inspection by a third party. Factory trained inspectors, for example, are highly skilled individuals with an eye for installation details and defects. When a contractor calls these inspectors for a final evaluation, this action tells homeowners that roofers believe in their work as a warranty is finally set into place.

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