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Manufacturers have a hard time reinventing the shingle. Many alternative products have not stood the test of time, nor provided the sustainability once promised. The substitution of asbestos for less conventional fibers has failed, leaving producers to start anew.

Roofers are now looking at composition shingles to lead the way to create a modern look for a better price. Today, several companies have effectively designed composite mixtures that virtually resemble real slate and wood, and offer homeowners a better quality product that is aesthetically pleasing.

Composition shingles are easier to install than cedar shakes or slate tiles; however, a reliable roof contractor is recommended to apply the shingles accurately. A Folsom roofing professional can inspect the property and then provide information on whether the composition shingle is a viable option for the home.

Composition slats are fire retardant and do not pose a problem with moisture. Likewise, during a storm shingles may become damaged and require repair; however, composites can be replaced individually. Moreover, old composite roofs allow new materials to lie on top, so that a roof can be replaced without the hassle of removing the existing structure.

A Roofing from Allstate Roofing of Folsom CA would be happy to answer any question you have about storm damage or skylights.

When comparing asphalt to composition shingles, the research found that asphalt has a lifespan of approximately 20 years. A composite system can endure 20 to 30 years depending on normal wear and tear. In all circumstances, the dependability of a roof lasting for the guaranteed amount of time depends on the weather conditions in that area. Homeowners should examine the warranties provided to determine the costs of future repairs and complete re roofing in the long term.

Likewise, asphalt shingles come in two forms: glass fiber and organic. Natural slats have a paper mat with asphalt added to it, whereas fiberglass shingles consists of glass fiber mats layered with asphalt. However, at its core, composition shingles are made of a fiberglass mat, with an asphalt coating making the shingle water resistant. Even so, the outer surface contains smashed rocks set in the exterior for strength. The rocks are a combination of asbestos, tarpaper, wood, slate, shake, and laminate, all of which provide support.

Furthermore, asphalt contains leachable copper that prevents algae growth. Composite shingles include moss inhibitors in the base to prevent algae from developing. Manufacturers also have shingles with an additional coating of ultraviolet light, which prevents the shingle from cracking and fading in color. Finally, composition shakes are popular with pitched roof homes due to their flexibility.

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