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When area homeowners are in need of roof repair or an entirely new roof, hiring the right Folsom roofing contractor is an essential step. Hiring the wrong company can result in problems that lead to additional costs, and a homeowner may have no recourse to recoup those losses. Roofing tends to be a high turnover industry, and if a roofing company goes out of business, then the homeowner is on the hook.

Homeowners should place an emphasis on longevity and reputation. A roofing company should have all necessary business licenses, be registered with the local Better Business Bureau and be established in the community. An established company is much less likely to go out of business suddenly. If possible, rely on recommendations from neighbors, family and coworkers. Make sure that a roofing company is able to provide at least three strong references.

The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends that homeowners schedule at least three separate estimates with roofing contractors that have been referred to them or that they have vetted. Having three estimates provides a homeowner with context about the market in the area. Estimates are generally provided at no charge, and homeowners should be wary of companies that charge for them. While homeowners should avoid high estimates, they should be particularly concerned with low ones.

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A low roofing estimate results in a small profit margin, and, as the margin shrinks, a contractor will be more inclined to cut corners in order to avoid losses.

Vetting a roofing contractor is an important step. Online resources can be useful, but homeowners should consider the nature of the vocal minority online. Other useful resources include the local BBB and the local Chamber of Commerce. Like the BBB, the Chamber of Commerce can provide statistics about praise or complaints, and it can also help to verify licenses and other documentation. In addition to licenses, homeowners should ensure that the company hired has all necessary insurance. If a roofer is injured and the company lacks the required insurance, onus can fall to the homeowner.

When requesting references, ask for at least two references from customers that had the work performed more than a year ago. If everything looks good, most customers are happy with their roofing company right after the job is done. Looks can be deceiving, and problems with a roof installation often take some time to develop. Speaking with these customers will give the homeowner better insight into the quality of work performed by a company.

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