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Knowing what experts looks for when they inspect a roof helps property owners understand preventative maintenance and annual inspections. This knowledge helps them stay aware of small problems before they become major hassles. Keeping track of minor damage and definite signs of wear and tear helps home and business owners get the most life out of their roof.

A home inspection by Folsom roofing experts typically start with making a note of basic information like the address, name on the account, and whether the entire roof, part of the roof or additional structures are inspected. Roofing inspectors then check for visible signs of problems with debris, clogged drains or gutters, standing water, missing or cracked caulk, broken piping, bent flashing and gravel gutter stops without covers. They then check any leaks or problems the owner has identified.

The next thing inspectors do is to check the membrane between the roof materials and the wood underneath. The membrane is what keeps water from penetrating the structure of the building. An expert checks for cracking or peeling, which might indicate a breakdown of the membrane that could allow water to damage the property.

After professionals check the outer materials and the membrane, the next step is to check the roof trusses, panels and beams for cracks, mold and any visible signs of damage.

The roofers from Allstate Roofing of Folsom would be happy to answer any question you have about commercial roofing or storm damage.

After the structure and materials are checked, experts go into the detailed part of the inspection. They check the flashing to make sure no water is penetrating around the vents. The kitchen vent is checked for oil damage if the roof is covered with asphalt shingles. Skylights are checked for broken glass and cracked caulk. Hardware like vent covers are checked to make sure they can move as designed.

Experts continue the thorough inspection by checking the bricks on any chimneys to make sure they are structurally sound. If the building is a commercial property, the inspector will look around HVAC units and other equipment on the roof for signs of sagging, cracks and water damage. The units are inspected for broken or missing items and signs of wear and tear like frayed belts or pulleys with missing teeth. Finally, he or she will check around any antennas or satellite dishes before thoroughly checking the drains and the gutter system. When the inspection is complete, the expert will give the property owner a detailed copy of any problems along with the price it will cost to perform the required maintenance and repairs.

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