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Black algae stains are a common problem with asphalt shingles on residential roofs. These algae stains do not undermine shingles structurally, but they have a very negative effect on curbside appeal. A Folsom roofing professional can usually remove these algae stains using various cleaning agents, including oxygen bleach, and this process can help the affected shingles look nearly new again. Nevertheless, if a roof is prone to black algae stains due to environmental factors, then a homeowner should take preventive measures in order to limit long term costs and keep the roof looking its best.

Perhaps the most effective and economical option is using shingles that are algae resistant, but this option is usually only practical when replacing a roof. Asphalt shingles can be made resistant to algae by mixing copper or zinc into the granules. Copper and zinc bind to algae, killing it and preventing it from getting a foothold. Rain makes this process particularly effective. As the rain cascades down the roof, the algae is forced into contact with the copper or zinc and washed away. The copper or zinc never degrades, which means that as long as the granules stay intact, the shingles will be algae free.

For a roof that will not be replaced anytime soon, an alternative to algae resistant shingles is copper or zinc flashing installed at the ridgeline.

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As rain hits the ridgeline, it activates the copper or zinc, which creates an algae killing substance, such as copper sulfate, which binds with the water and then flows down the roof. There may be certain environments where the flashing approach is not ideal, but in most humid climates where black algae is prevalent, such flashing is highly effective.

An annual cleaning can be an effective technique as well, and it is a good idea to clean a roof chemically once a year regardless of whether it has an algae problem or not. Cleaning should not be an alternative to the preventive measures outlined earlier because cleaning for this purpose is not economical. A light cleaning that assists with algae prevention and removes dirt and other substances is. Professional cleaning is an option, but the necessary materials for this kind of light cleaning are available at most local home improvement stores. Some are even sold as a garden hose attachments and applied from the ground, and most treatments can be rinsed off using a garden horse as well.

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