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Folsom Roofing: Article About Addressing Common Soffit Problems

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All of the components that make up the roof system are prone to different kinds of damage, many of which can be prevented with just a bit of regular care. It is essential for homeowners to be able to recognize these potential problems as they develop so they can be prevented or repaired in a timely fashion. The soffit and the fascia are among the many roofing components that may be prone to damage if they are not properly inspected and maintained, and allowing this damage to go unrepaired may result in additional issues that compromise the functionality of the roof system. Homeowners who turn to a Folsom roofing professional for inspection and repair will extend the lifespan of their roof, but it is also possible for the homeowner to address many of the most common issues without requiring professional assistance.

Soffit can be made from a number of different materials, including fiber cement, steel and wood, but it is most commonly made from aluminum or vinyl. The soffit is the paneling that surrounds the home underneath the eaves that extend over the home's exterior walls. This paneling is often a part of the attic ventilation system and is typically designed in a way that air is able to flow through the paneling. The soffit is prone to water damage over time, but there are steps the homeowner can take to prevent this kind of damage and to ensure that the soffit continues to function as it should.

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The most ideal time to inspect the soffit and the fascia is when the homeowner is cleaning the gutters. Simply poking at the fascia and the soffit for any signs of weakness will reveal the presence of water damage, and a visual inspection will reveal any additional signs of wear or damage that may have been caused by animals or other pests. Keeping the gutters clear of debris will go a long way in preventing water damage, and a regular inspection will ensure that any recent damage is quickly identified and repaired.

If an inspection reveals damage to either the soffit or the fascia, the homeowner should repair or replace the damaged materials as soon as possible. If it is the fascia that is damaged, the homeowner may require assistance, as it is often necessary to remove the gutters in order to replace the fascia. When deciding on the replacement material, the cause of the damage should be considered so that the new material is able to withstand the conditions that caused the damage in the first place. Wooden fascia, for example, attracts animals and insects when it becomes moist. A different choice of material may therefore help to better prevent future instances of animal or insect damage.

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