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When it is time to choose between repairs and replacing the roof, homeowners should consider both options carefully. Reacting to a leaking roof or storm damage by doing a quick repair job might not be the best way to solve the problem. Leaks often occur a long time before they are visibly discovered, and the damage could be major, necessitating a new roof. Replacement over repair is a judgment call best left up to a professional Elk Grove roofing contractor.

Homeowners are generally not experienced enough to know when to repair or replace the roof, but there are general hints that its life is near the end. If homeowners have had made repairs several times over the past few years or if the gutters are consistently getting clogged with asphalt granules, it's likely that it's time to replace the roof. The same goes for a roof that is drooping. As a roof ages, its ability to protect the insulation, rafters, siding and other structures becomes less reliable, and homeowners may want to consider a complete replacement.

Cost of repairs is also a valid consideration.

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Damaged flashing, leaking skylights, worn shingles or a damaged roof deck might not be worth the price of fixing when compared to the benefit of replacing the roof. While a few loose nails or cracks in the flashing might be an easy fix for a roofing expert, other problems may not be so simple. For instance, mold growing in the walls of the attic can pose serious health and fire risks for the family and may indicate that a replacement is needed.

In addition to consistent repairs, homeowners might want to consider the benefit of replacing their current roof for something more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Current roofing systems, such as composite asphalt shingles or metal roofing options, are easier on landfills, take advantage of recycled materials and can actually cut down on utility bills. Many choices like living roofs also come with stunning architecture that can be landscaped with native plants and provide tons of curb appeal.

Adequately being able to match the existing roof materials might also be a problem. If the shingles have faded, patches of new shingles won't look as good as an entirely new roof. This will be important if homeowners have plans to resell the property in the future. The best way to handle the situation is for homeowners to know their needs and then set up an appointment with a professional roofing service for a thorough evaluation and recommendation.

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