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When a homeowner discovers a water leak in a home, it is common to feel stressed and anxious. Water is an extremely damaging force in a home, and it can cause damage to carpeting, drywall, furnishings, electrical wiring and more. In addition, it may lead to mold growth and extensive structural damage. Identifying the cause of the leak is the first step in the repair process. Certified Elk Grove roofing professionals can help homeowners determine if a roofing leak is the cause of their current issue.

Homeowners may believe that a roof leak will only bring water into the home when it is raining outside, but this is not necessarily true. Consider that it can take time for water to penetrate through a hole in the roof, puddle in the attic and drip down through the ceiling or the walls so that it is visible to the homeowner. During a long and heavy rainstorm, it may indeed still be raining outside when a homeowner notices water inside the home. However, a brief yet intense rainstorm may be over before the leak is noticed by the homeowner.

The roofing contractors at Allstate Roofing of Elk Grove can assist you with any questions regarding commercial roofing or storm damage.

If a homeowner is debating between calling a plumber or a roofer for assistance with the leak, it may be a good idea to inspect the attic. With most roof leaks, moisture or even pooling water may be visible in the attic. The homeowner can inspect the attic flooring, insulation and ceiling or upper support beams for signs of moisture.

Another way to determine if a roof leak is present is to request a roof inspection from a trusted local company. When a homeowner mentions a roof leak concern, a reputable roofing company will often make a priority appointment for the homeowner. This is because a roof leak can lead to significant property damage. If a leak is found during the roofing inspection, a temporary roof patch, such as a tarp, may be placed over the damaged area to prevent further water penetration until the permanent repair can be completed.

A roof leak is not always the cause of water penetration in the home, and a plumbing problem can be a cause. By completing an initial inspection of the attic, the homeowner may be able to better determine whether a roofer or a plumber should be called to the home to complete a repair service. While not all roofing repairs can be completed on the spot, a temporary roof patch may be installed immediately to prevent further water damage to the home.

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