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There are two main causes of leaks in a home, and these are related to damage to the plumbing system or the roofing system. A homeowner may suspect a plumbing leak if the leak develops on a sunny, dry day. If the leak develops during or immediately after a rainstorm, however, there is a chance that the leak may be related to damage to the roof. Elk Grove roofing professionals are available to help homeowners diagnose a roof leak issue and to repair the leak.

Some homeowners may delay calling a roofing company for assistance with a roof leak until the forecast calls for wet weather conditions, but there are several reasons why this is not a wise move. First, roofing companies often have busy schedules, and they may not be able to travel to a home at a moment's notice for a leak repair as soon as the forecast changes. In addition, if water can penetrate into a leak in the roof, air and pests may also penetrate through this opening or gap. This can affect energy efficiency, and it may also lead to a rodent or pest control problem in the home. Fixing a leak as soon as the homeowner suspects a problem is a better idea.

During wet weather conditions, pinpointing the location of a roof leak may be as easy as looking for areas of wetness or dripping water in the attic.

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During dry weather conditions, more work may be required to identify the location of the leak. A roofing consultant may complete a visual inspection of the attic to look for water stains. The consultant may also remove a few shingles on the roof to look for discolored felt paper or other signs of damage. Discolored felt paper under shingles is a common sign that water has penetrated through the shingles in that particular area, and it indicates a leak.

Confirming that a roof has a leak and identifying the exact location of that leak are important steps in the repair process. A roofing specialist generally can complete this process quickly and can provide the homeowner with a quote for the repair service. Some repairs may be made during the initial inspection. In the event the repair cannot be made on the same day, the consultant may patch up the leaking area with a temporary solution to minimize the impact of water damage in the home. Homeowners who believe they have a roof leak should request an inspection with a roofing consultant as soon as possible.

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