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Homeowners might have thoroughly researched roofing materials and even underlayment beneath them, but the structure has many other wood components that contribute to stability and long life. Most roofs use a system of wood coverings and supports to form the basic framework and hold shingles in place. When Elk Grove roofing professionals visit the property, they'll examine all components related to the surface. Structural wood must be in good health to support any rooftop.

Roof sheathing or decking is the main structural wood contractors examine when a replacement project is required. Decking is only made of plywood sheets attached to main support beams. If any leaks seep into the structure, rot and decay normally occur across the decking. Contractors must inspect and replace any decaying sheathing to preserve the roof. All shingles and underlayment must be held up by the sheathing.

Rafters or support beams connect at peaks and run the length of the roof's pitch. They have several feet between them, creating a strong formation to support the decking above. These supports terminate at the eave where they meet with fascia board. It's rare when rafters are severely damaged, but roofers will examine them whenever possible. An attic inspection, for example, is usually necessary when surveying rafters.

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Homeowners could be familiar with fascia board because it's the vertical wood painted along the roof's edge which holds the rain gutters. Fascia board is particularly vulnerable to deterioration because of water runoff close to its location. Contractors routinely verify fascia for rot or missing paint. They'll either repair or replace it as necessary. Strong fascia board only contributes to a long lasting structure.

An unfamiliar term to homeowners might be the supportive underpurlin. These support beams run under the sheathing and perpendicular to the rafters. They simply provide support to the rafters, decking and roofing materials. Contractors cannot usually inspect these supports, but their decline is obvious when roof sections sag under unbalanced weight. Roofers would have to remove part of the decking to really see the underpurlin and replace it as necessary.

It's normal for contractors to access the attic during a roof inspection. Homeowners should be prepared by moving any obstacles to the attic space. The attic provides another roof view, allowing professionals to see any damages or leaks from another angle. They can also verify structural wood health and any necessary repairs. A thoroughly evaluated rooftop can last for decades with consistent maintenance.

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