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Many people are familiar with the tall metal spires that sit atop skyscrapers and other tall buildings. These devices are lightning rods, which help to protect the rest of the structure from dangerous lightning strikes. While most residential structures do not come equipped with a long pole on their roofs, there are ways that homeowners can protect their houses from a direct lightning strike. By working with an Elk Grove roofing contractor, property owners can gain peace of mind and perhaps even lower their costs for homeowner's insurance.

Grounding a home is a solid solution for lessening the risks of a lightning strike. To do this, a small air terminal is affixed to the home's rooftop. This air terminal is made of metal and sits a little higher than the roof's peak. It is not obtrusive or especially tall like a system on a large commercial structure would have to be. If lightning is in the area, it's more likely to strike the terminal than another part of the house or nearby electrical lines.

In order to be successful at diverting electricity, the air terminal must be connected to heavy cables. These cables are a part of a system that includes grounding equipment. Additional components include an underground portion that delivers the heat and electricity directly into the earth, instead if into the home's wiring and appliances.

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All of the system's parts should be labeled with UL, or Underwriter's Laboratory approved, as this shows that they have been extensively tested for performance and safety.

Another important aspect of protecting a home from a rooftop lighting strike is adding surge protection. Electrical surges can happen when the home's telephone or electrical box is hit. These boxes are often located near a metal gutter or downspout and have direct access to the home's roof. A whole home surge protection system diverts the power from a lighting strike into the earth so that the burst of electricity doesn't "fry" sensitive electronics or start a fire within the home's walls.

Many homeowner's insurance policies will offer a discount when these risk diversion systems are installed onto a home. However, because their installation involves attaching items to the home's roof, they should only be put into place by a qualified roofing service. A roofing contractor will work to ensure that the roof's shingles or tiles are not damaged during the installation process and can also make sure that the manufacturer's warranty on the roofing materials is not voided by the addition of such a system.

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