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The process of building a house can be long and complicated. While government regulations must be followed thoroughly, choices have to be made concerning the floor plan, frame and basic style of the home. One of the most important judgments required is the type of roof to install. The decision should not be based solely on aesthetic effect but on durability, expense, strength and many other concerns. Elk Grove roofing companies offer a wide variety of options to the area's builders. Even after the style of roof has been picked, other features must be considered, such as pitch and building materials.

Geographical location often influences the roofing preferences of homeowners. For example, steep slopes are popular in northern regions so that heavy snow does not pile up on the rooftops and cause damage. Low slope roofs are much more common in the residential districts of the south while flat roofs are mostly used for commercial buildings. People who live in coastal towns need every component of their houses to provide substantial resistance against high winds and heavy rainfall. Gable roofs may not withstand strong wind gusts since they can be uplifted very easily by their overhangs. They are, however, simple and inexpensive.

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As a result, they are among the most prevalent roof types and are usually reinforced by braces. The side gable roof consists of two identical panels that meet at a ridge in the middle of the house and leave triangular sections on both ends. Colonial style homes often feature front gable roofs.

Although a hip roof can be costly, it is sturdy in almost any environment. Its form resembles a pyramid, and the four slopes allow snow to glide right off. Likewise, it can handle hurricane force winds. Homeowners who desire vaulted ceilings have plenty of room for them under a hip roof. The design may be worth the additional expense, but the number of ridges and valleys increase the risk of leaks. With appropriate waterproofing and consistent maintenance, this problem should be easily solved. Both gable and hip roofs can be constructed with shingles, tile, metal or nearly any other housetop material.

Many sparsely used roof styles exist that are either very expensive or not as durable as the popular gable and hip designs. A Mansard roof has French origins and requires extensive planning and construction techniques. While a butterfly roof lets in the sunlight and breeze, it is susceptible to water leakage. With the vast range of options on the market, a builder can find a roof type that is optimal for each specific construction project.

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