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Some handy homeowners enjoy the physical challenge of doing certain projects around the home, such as tearing off a roof. While roof removal as a DIY project can save a property owner some money, it could also prove to be too challenging, time consuming or physically difficult. With some help from an experienced contractor, any homeowner can discern whether or not they are ready and able to do a roof tear off project on their own or whether it would be better to leave such a job to an Elk Grove roofing expert.

Any sort of roofing project is a physically demanding task. From climbing on the sloped sides of the roof to using a shingle ripper, all of a body's muscles are put to use while removing old shingles or tiles. Working on the roof may expose a person to extreme heat from the sun's interaction with the shingles. Chemicals such as roofing adhesives, electricity from nearby wires and kick back from power tools like nail guns are all physical aspects of the work.

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The homeowner would also have to arrange for a receptacle for the old materials to be disposed of and hauled away, as roofing companies usually have their own equipment delivered to the home and picked up upon completion of the project.

Another factor in determining whether or not a homeowner should do their own tear off is familiarity with roofing equipment. Tools and safety devices, such as nail guns, roof anchors, scaffolding, brackets and harnesses, may all be needed, depending on the type and slope of the rooftop. Roofing contractors deal with these devices on a daily basis and are familiar with their usage and safety concerns.

The homeowner may also want to think about the time required for the project. One person doing a tear off of a 2,000 square foot home's roof may need a few days to get the job done. Depending on the weather conditions, an entire week may be needed for the work to be complete. A roofing crew usually includes 8 to 12 workers who can do a roof removal in less than one day of work. In some cases, a property owner could save money by doing the work himself or herself. This must be weighed against any tools and supplies the homeowner would need to purchase as well as the risk of getting hurt or causing roof damage that would necessitate professional repairs.

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