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Elk Grove Roofing: Article About Roof Maintenance For Facility Managers

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In today's economy, facility managers are expecting more from their roofs than ever before. Spending a little bit of money on yearly maintenance can provide big savings in the long term. Studies show that a roof that doesn't receive regular maintenance will only last about half of its anticipated lifespan. Add to that the fact that most roof warranties specify that an absence of roof maintenance can void any warranty coverage. Facility managers should expect to spend about 2 percent of the roof's replacement cost on maintenance each year.

Facility managers with experience know that twice yearly inspection is important to extend the life of a roof and to maintain warranty coverage. Inspections should be done once before the season with the most extreme weather and once after that season, ideally by a professional Elk Grove roofing contractor. In hot climates, the severe season would be the summer. The roof can suffer due to thermal shock during hot weather due to the sudden cooling effect of summer rain. In northern climates, winter would usually be considered the severe season. In either case, the roof should be inspected before the severe season to make sure it's prepared for what's to come. It should be inspected again after that season to repair any issues that may have developed.

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Facility managers might consider having building staff check the roof seasonally for any problems. While this saves on out of pocket costs up front, the con to this is that building staff may not know what to look for. Also, they have other workday obligations and may not find the time to go up onto the roof. Roofs often fall victim to the out of sight, out of mind mentality. For these reasons, it can be worth it to send a roofing contractor to inspect the roof for any potential issues. The most obvious things to look out for during a roof inspection are punctures, damage to flashing material, flashing that has come out of its proper place, debris buildup on top of a roof, pooled water and algae.

The most important part of an inspection is that there is follow through with the repairs that are needed. If this is done regularly, facility managers can be more confident in knowing that they are saving a good deal of money in the long run. Simply avoiding the aggravation of going through a reroofing is worth the cost of regular maintenance and repairs.

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