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When homeowners look over contractor reviews, they may notice that some companies don't respect a property when they work on a project. Whether reviews are online or via word of mouth, frustrated customers could have landscaping damage and other issues that mar the beauty of a brand-new roof installation. When Elk Grove roofing professionals are on the job, homeowners should expect certain courtesies to be followed.

Roof replacement processes create noise and material waste around the property, making it a busy time for any household. Some contractors can take a week or more to complete a project. This long project period means homeowners must deal with a messy property while going about their daily schedules. Reputable and well-organized roofers can complete a project in just a couple days. Good contractors will match a property's size with a certain worker quantity. The home may be complete in a short period, allowing residents to resume normal activities.

From shingle sections to roofing felt pieces, replacement processes drop a lot of waste around the property. Even nails are found on pathways or in grass. Homeowners should look for companies that have a daily cleanup ritual. Before leaving for the day, roofers should remove all waste and pile it in an arranged corner. All nails must be picked up by a magnetic tool, reducing the possibility of injury.

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Some companies may leave cleanup until the last installation day, but top contractors will require it every day for household courtesy.

All roofing professionals must follow OSHA guidelines. These rules are in place to keep workers, property and residents safe during an installation. Homeowners should notice roofers using specialized shoes and safety harnesses during the project, for instance. Workers must take scheduled breaks to reduce fatigue as well. If any company doesn't follow these guidelines, the project could be delayed with worker injury or even property damage.

Courteous roofers will try to leave the property as neat as it was before the installation. Large dump trucks must be brought to the property to haul away old roof waste. Homeowners can ask contractors about rubber tire trucks instead of metal. Although this small detail may not seem important, rubber tires protect a driveway from permanent scraping caused by metal types.

One simple way to ensure courtesy at the property is adding stipulations to the roofing contract. A cleanup or behavior clause can be added to a contract before the work begins. When workers understand their parameters at a location, they can work smoothly with homeowners to complete a job successfully.

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