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Elk Grove Roofing: Article About Preparing A Roof For Summer Storms

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Any Elk Grove roofing professional will attest that severe thunderstorms and other weather conditions can wreak havoc on a roof's structural integrity. There are plenty of situations where weather conditions are so severe that no amount of preparation can save a roof. Most of the time, however, damage can be prevented or, at the very least, reduced.

While there are numerous ways to prepare a roof for a storm, there are five commonly used methods that cover just about all any homeowner can do. Those five methods are knowing a roof's material and the quality of its construction, inspecting roofing materials to ensure that they are firmly secure, trimming overhanging foliage, checking a home's caulking and weather stripping and cleaning out a home's gutters.

Knowing what a roof is made out of and how it was constructed can help homeowners determine what type of damage their roof might expect during a heavy storm. Shingle and concrete or metal tiles have the best bet for enduring a severe storm that might throw everything from flying debris to hail at a roof. Historically, wooden and clay tile roofs don't stand much of a chance against powerful shrapnel that may batter a home due to high winds.

Checking the security of roofing materials will also prevent undue damage, as loose shingles or tiles can fly off from a strong enough gust of wind and leave a home exposed to the elements.

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Trimming overhanging foliage will provide an obvious level of protection, as overhanging branches can easily crash through a roof and make repairs immediately necessary.

Afterwards, inspect caulking and weather stripping. These can most commonly be found around a home's exterior where two walls meet or different materials come together, such as where the siding and the roof or a window intersect. A fault in caulk or weather stripping is like a crack in a window, and water is guaranteed to get in, even if it is not immediately noticed.

Lastly, a simple gutter cleaning is an effective method for protecting a roof. As most homeowners know, clogged gutters create water pools, which will seep into a home over time. These water pools will infiltrate a home slowly, increasing attic moisture and creating ideal growing conditions for mold, mildew, algae and other invading forms of plant life. A soggy roof caused by clogged gutters will also weaken a roof's support structures over time, inviting a roof collapse as an oncoming inevitability.

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