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Elk Grove Roofing: Article About Pitched Vs. Sloped Roof

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Many factors must be considered when determining what type of roof is best for a given home. While a sloped roof may cost more than a flat roof, a flat roof generally cannot withstand as much weight concentrated in one area. However, a flat roof may be easier to repair, which could extend its useful life. Homeowners should talk to an Elk Grove roofing professional about these and other issues to determine which roof is best for their needs.

A professional may be able to recommend an ideal roof slope that is both affordable and allows flexibility in the future. If a homeowner wants to include an attic for extra storage space, the home will need a pitched roof to accommodate that desire. On the other hand, a flat roof may be more accommodating to those who want to spend time on their roof gazing at the stars or entertaining friends. This could be ideal for those who have a home that sits on a small lot that doesn't contain space for a traditional porch or a patio.

Homeowners who live in an area that experiences inclement weather may wish to have a pitched roof instead of a flat roof. Pitched roofs allow water to run off with ease, which reduces the odds that water will pool on the roof or leak back into the home.

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During a windstorm or a fire, a roof with a bigger pitch may provide more protection against the elements as well.

Those who are interested in the aesthetic value of their home may want a pitched roof as opposed to a flat roof. However, building codes or HOA requirements may limit the options available to those who are trying to choose an ideal roof slope.

One common misconception that homeowners may have is that they can't change the slope of their roof. However, it is possible to turn a flat roof into a sloped roof or a sloped roof into a flat roof. In the event that a sunroom or shed is added to the home, a flat roof can be placed over it, even if the rest of the home has a pitched roof.

There is no right answer when trying to figure out the proper slope for a given roof. A homeowner needs to take his or her own desires into account as well as how well a given roof would hold up against the elements. Typically, it is possible to design a structure that does both in an affordable manner.

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