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When deciding upon a new roof, there are many factors that contribute to a homeowner making their final decision. Those factors include the materials available, product cost, material weight and installation requirements. There are different factors for each type of roofing material, and those materials are asphalt, wood and composite shingles, as well as slate, concrete and clay tiles. Ask an Elk Grove roofing professional for more details as to how they relate to a specific roofing project.

The first thing that any homeowner should consider when planning for their new roof is cost as material price is the starting point for any project. The first determining factor in roofing costs is whether or not a roof is to be remodeled, which can include the stripping off of old materials and repairing certain roofing structures for integrity. Also contributing to roof costs is roof shape. For example, a gable roof with few or no breaks in its chimneys, vent pipes and dormers will cost much less than a house with multiple protrusions, joints, skylights or other elements.

After the initial considerations, it's time to focus on roofing materials and materials for flashing. Not all roofing materials can be used on certain types of homes as each has a different weight and purpose served that may not be able to be utilized or supported by a home's existing roof structure.

The Roofing experts at Allstate Roofing of Elk Grove CA can assist you with any questions regarding storm damage or skylights.

This is really only a concern if a homeowner wants a specific type of style for their home and not the standard asphalt shingle. Asphalt shingles are used on roughly 75 percent of all homes in the United States, are among the lightest shingles and provide a high level of protection for low cost. They can almost always be fitted to nearly any type of roof.

Following asphalt, other standard roofing materials are used less throughout the country but offer both unique weather protection functionality and style. Wood, which has been a main choice for centuries, is still just as acceptable to use today as asphalt, though fire hazards make it a less popular option. They have a similar life expectancy to asphalt shingles but cost around twice as much. Tiles and cement roofs also offer unique durability and water resistance but are extremely heavy and can only be used on roofs with adequate support structures to hold the weight.

Lastly, metal and slate can provide some of the highest levels of durability and protection and have some of the highest life expectancies in roofing. Metals such as aluminum, steel and copper offer unparalleled protection from sun and extreme weather and can last 40 to 70 years if maintained properly. Slate, like metal, offers similar levels of protection and has been known to last upwards of 100 years. It is usually the most expensive, but it is the best option for a roof that can support it. With this knowledge in mind, roofers recommend that homeowners consult a roofing professional to make their final decision.

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