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Although algae and dirt are not harmful to the roof shingles, they do look unsightly, and some homeowners do want it removed for aesthetic reasons. Moss can also grow on roof shingles and this definitely can cause problems and shorten the life of the roof.

Algae has no root system, so it simply sits on the surface of the shingle; moss, on the other hand, can be quite thick and has a shallow root system that holds in moisture, which can rot the sheathing and corrode the asphalt in the shingles or cause wood shingles to rot.

Fortunately, removing the moss is fairly straightforward and can be done from the ground with a long handled brush, although it is easier to work on the roof even though it is more hazardous. Many homeowners hire an Elk Grove roofing contractor to do the job instead. A roofing contractor can correctly assess the circumstances and recommend what action is needed to rectify the situation.

The presence of algae growth is usually diagnosed through a visual inspection, either with binoculars for an up close look or with the naked eye, since it leaves a green or black stain on the shingles that is readily observable. This can be mixed with dirt as well, but it is easily removed.

There are commercial cleaners available for this process, but bleach diluted with water works as well or better.

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The ratio of bleach to water is 50/50 and produces immediate results, but it can harm plants close to the foundation; therefore, when using this solution, plants should be wetted down first and then doused with clean water after the job is done.

Another product that is just as effective, although the effects are not immediately visible, is oxygen bleach. It is gentle on both shingles and plants and is environmentally friendly. These cleaners work equally as well for algae, dirt, and moss. A pressure washer should never be used on the roof as it can damage shingles by removing the granules meant to protect them from breaking down in the sun and loosening the bond between shingles.

Cleaning is best done on an overcast day to keep the cleanser from evaporating too quickly, as it should be applied and allowed to sit for about 20 minutes before brushing. After allowing the cleaner to work, brushing from the roof peak down should easily remove any stains and moss without damaging the shingle bond, which can happen when brushing up instead of down.

There are shingles on the market that are designed for areas where algae is a problem, and they include copper in the granules, which will keep algae and moss from growing. This is something to consider when a roof replacement is needed in the future. Once the roof is cleaned, copper strips can be added near the roof peak to prevent regrowth. When it rains, copper molecules will wash down the shingles, causing an inhospitable atmosphere for both plants. Adding the copper requires cutting strips from a sheet of copper, which can be challenging, so hiring a roofing company to do this avoids frustration and hours of work for the homeowner.

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