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Every once in a while, a small amount of damage occurs on a roof. While the damaged areas may need to be repaired, it is not always a job that necessitates a call to a professional Elk Grove roofing service. Being able to make simple shingle repairs can be a satisfying endeavor for many property owners and can save time and money as well.

When just one or even a few asphalt shingles are loose or missing, this is a brief repair that requires just a few tools. The property owner should gather an extension ladder, work gloves, some roofing sealant, a metal pry bar, some roofing nails and new shingles that match the ones that are broken. If the work is being done on a steeply sloped section of the house, the homeowner may need some safety gear such as a helmet, knee pads, soft soled shoes and a safety harness.

The best time to do a small roof repair job is when the rooftop is cool, such as on a cloudy morning. Shingles are easier to pry off when they are cool to the touch.

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The pry bar should be used to lift up the damaged shingles as well as the next shingles directly above them, as they will be affixed to the roof with some of the same nails. The property owner can then slide the new pieces into place and affix them according to the manufacturer's instructions on the packaging.

Hand sealing is an important next step. Following the directions on the package, the sealant should be applied either to the roof's wooden decking or the back side of the shingles. The homeowner should apply strong pressure with his or her hands on the top of the new shingles to help create a seal. Then, new roofing nails can be hammered into the shingles using the existing holes on the ones that are not being replaced and in the specified location on the new shingles. The damaged shingles should be properly disposed of in the trash and should not be reused.

While upon the roof, homeowners should look around and see if there are other signs of roofing problems. Any missing flashing, loose asphalt granules, curling or buckling that is present on the roof suggests that there may be additional underlying issues that may need professional repairs. Homeowners may also want to take a look from within the attic space as shingles that have been loose or damaged for a while may have caused a water leak to develop.

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