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Although most houses come with asphalt roofing, many homeowners choose to upgrade their roofs to more reliable materials. One of the available options is metal roofing such as aluminum, steel and copper. Although metal roofs don't usually come standard on homes, they last for many years. The life of a metal roof is extended even further when it's professionally maintained by Elk Grove roofing experts.

Beyond lasting a long time and standing up to the outside elements, metal roofing is extremely fire resistant. Unlike wood, metal is non-combustible and offers superior protection against fire. Also, since metal is lightweight, it minimizes the chances of a cave-in should a fire start within the interior of a house. A heavier roof causes the support of a house to come crashing down quicker as it becomes weakened by the fire. Beyond being resistant to fire, metal roofs also reflect the sun's solar rays. This saves the homeowner money on their energy bills during the summer months.

Despite popular belief, most metal roofs can be walked on. While it's true that traditional metal roofs were easily dented, most metals used today are stronger. Some of this support is thanks to the texturing that manufacturers add to the metal.

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This texturing also protects it from the impact of hail. If homeowners expect their roofs to have heavy foot traffic, they can ask roofers to install optional high-density foam underneath for more support. As a bonus, the foam blocks outside sounds, which is another common concern that homeowners have with choosing metal roofs.

Metal roofs can have attic ventilation systems, another common misconception. Most roofers even encourage homeowners to opt for attic vents because it helps protect the roof and attic from high moisture levels. When moisture is allowed to build up in the attic during the summer, condensation forms, and mold soon follows. During the winter, vents prevent the formation of ice dams, which can be damaging for any roofing material. Homeowners should ask their roofing companies for other tips on preventing the formation of ice dams.

Most metal roofing requires a solid deck for installation. What some homeowners don't know is that it can be installed directly onto the roof deck or over existing asphalt shingles. In either case, the International Building Code requires roofers to use an underlayment to protect the roof deck and the backside of the metal paneling. Most roofers use 30-pound felt mat for an underlayment, but if the metal is light enough, a 15-pound felt mat can be used.

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