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Maintaining a roof is not a task that most homeowners look forward to, let alone remember to do. A house or business is a big investment in a person's life. Many Elk Grove roofing companies suggest that maintaining regular inspections of the roof will prevent major repairs down the road, thus saving the home or business owner money.

There are several steps in maintaining and cleaning a roof. These steps include cleaning the gutter systems, removing buildup of mold or algae, and inspecting for any damage. Regularly cleaning of a roof will enhance curb appeal as well as lengthen the life of the roof.

Cleaning out a gutter system typically is done in the spring and fall seasons. After the fall and winter months, debris such as dried leaves, dirt or small tree limbs may collect in the gutters and prevent proper drainage. The same goes for after the spring and summer seasons. During those seasons, in addition to dried leaves, birds have a tendency to build their nests in gutters. Once the nests become abandoned, the debris clogs up the drainage system.

The roofing experts at Allstate Roofing of Elk Grove can assist you with any questions regarding skylights or storm damage.

Having a clean and clear gutter system will allow for proper drainage of water away from the roof, preventing any water damage.

During the hot, humid summer months, mold and algae can form on the roof. The mold and algae can strip off protective granules from the shingles, which can cause the roof to deteriorate more quickly. In some households, the mold can spread to the interior, which can be harmful to the health of the occupants. Pressure washing the roof can prevent any buildup of plaque.

During routine roof maintenance, it will be inspected for any potential damage that homeowners or business owners may not have previously noticed. Some smaller damage might include broken tiles or shingles, or weeds growing in the gutter system. Weeds can sometimes sprout up in the gutters because there is plenty of water, sun and plant based debris, which is a perfect combination for weeds to grow. This can cause a breeding ground for termites, which can cause further damage to interior structures.

Roofs have a tendency to lose their curb appeal without regular maintenance work. They become dingy in appearance and can bring down the value of the home or business. By regularly power washing a roof, it will make the roof, as well as the house, look newer and may enhance curb appeal.

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