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Elk Grove Roofing: Article About Low Sloping Roofing Systems In Brief

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To meet commercial needs in the realm of Elk Grove roofing, it helps to know what the options are. There are two main types of roofing systems: low slope and steep slope. Low sloping roofs slope less than 14 degrees, and this type of roofing involves installing entirely weatherproof, waterproof membranes. Steep slope roofing systems use coverings meant to direct water off roofs, partially by using gravity.

Low sloping roof systems use membranes that operate based off of three basic principles. First, the roof must be seamlessly covered by a waterproof or weatherproof layer. Sometimes, multiple layers are necessary. Secondly, membranes must be highly reinforced in order to resist punctures, rips, or damage from falling debris, weather events, or other unexpected factors. The third principle is surfacing: the membrane must be covered by a protective surface that will increase sun reflectivity, deflect or absorb damage from hail, and safely allow animal or human traffic.

There are different types of membranes available for low sloping roofs, outlined briefly here. Built up roof (BUR) membranes, known as "tar and gravel" membranes, consist of at least four alternating layers of bitumen, such as cold tar, asphalt, or cold applied adhesive, and reinforcing fabrics. These membranes have been used for years and are extremely common on older buildings.

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Structural metal panels may also be used, which interlock and sealed off to prevent water penetration at laps and joints. These panels may not provide very good thermal insulation, since metal has a high capacity to conduct heat.

Polymer-modified bitumen sheet membranes expand on the concept of BUR membranes by layering polymerized bitumen between reinforcing fabric layers; the bitumen comes in sheets that can be rolled out and welded together to create a tight seal.

Single ply membranes are sold in sheets and differ largely in their method of manufacture. These membranes are either classified as thermoplastic or thermostatic, which relates to how they react to repeated heating and cooling. They attach to the roof's lower layer by a variety of methods, and different methods can be used on the same roof.

Spray polyeurythane foam (SPF) roof systems are installed in two layers, the first being an insulating foam that forms rigid cells. The second layer is a protective weatherproof coating that can be sprayed or lain on. SPF roof systems are useful because the insulating layer can be sprayed on in a custom thickness to maximize insulation based on individual needs.

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