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Elk Grove Roofing: Article About How To Properly Address Roof Blistering

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Roofs that feature asphalt shingles are known to sometimes be prone to blistering under certain conditions, and it is possible for these conditions to cause long term roof issues that will ultimately require repair. Homeowners should know how to identify and address these issues properly so that they can avoid potentially costly repairs that stem from allowing the roof blistering to continue unabated. Understanding the conditions that cause blisters and being able to repair any damage caused by blisters are valuable skills for any homeowner to possess, though it is also possible to utilize the assistance of an Elk Grove roofing professional to address this issue as well.

There are two primary causes of roof blisters that homeowners should become familiar with. The first cause is moisture that becomes trapped beneath the shingles and results in the shingle rising when the moisture is heated up by the sun. This issue may be avoided by ensuring that the roof drains properly when there is precipitation so that moisture does not become trapped beneath the shingles all that frequently.

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Homeowners should keep their gutters clear of any blockages so that rainwater may be efficiently moved from the roof, and the flashing should be oriented and sealed in such a way that rainwater moves quickly from the roof and into the gutters.

The second cause of roof blistering has to do with ventilation. When the roof becomes overly hot, the shingles will begin to blister as a result. Proper ventilation will help to keep the roof cooler and prevent blistering by reducing the amount of intense heat that a roof must endure.

While blistering caused by improper ventilation or trapped moisture can be reduced, it may still be the case that shingles will blister from time to time. While blisters are certainly not ideal, damage can be avoided by keeping the blisters from bursting. As long as the granules are in place, the roof is still protected from the sun's ultraviolet rays. It is when the blisters burst and the granules are lost that the roof becomes prone to additional damage. Homeowners should avoid walking on the blistered shingles and should take care to remove any nearby tree limbs that could potentially fall on the roof and cause the blisters to pop.

Homeowners dealing with issues relating to roof blistering will ultimately need to replace the blistered shingles, but this repair does not necessarily have to be made until after the shingles have burst and therefore lost the granules that protect the roof from damaging UV rays and other environmental factors.

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