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In ancient times, cities devised gutters to collect rainwater for drinking and to channel the water through an irrigation system. Builders constructed the original trenches from cedar and then lined the wood with zinc to help preserve the system.

However, after World War II, aluminum was available and became a popular choice for gutters due to its resistance to rotting, strength, durability and lightweight components. In 1960, during the popularity of integral gutters, the creation of seamless aluminum changed the gutter environment. Manufacturers devised a mechanism to roll aluminum (aka gutter coil), which holds the sheet on one end and forms a trough at the other end.

Today, gutters divert water away from foundations to protect physical stability. It is important that homeowners keep channels properly maintained as they are prone to water and debris accrual that causes molds to form. Thus, owners needing gutter maintenance or replacement or who want to devise a better system should consult a professional with Elk Grove Roofing and request an inspection of their gutter system.

Modern technology has advanced the gutter systems to help prevent erosion and leaks in crawlspaces and basements.

The Roofing experts at Allstate Roofing of Elk Grove CA can assist you with any questions regarding residential roofing or storm damage.

Likewise, drains can protect the home's façade by decreasing the amount of water saturating painted or stained areas. Some system designs also promote the collection of rainwater.

Homeowners concerned about the aesthetics of a gutter system can request that the roofer install an integral trough that lays on the lower edge of a roof and is created from the roof's cover and flashing products. A trough is a less obtrusive metal that hangs beyond the edge yet below the slope of the roof.

Furthermore, a box gutter is a deep trough hidden within the roof. In addition, the technology exists that provides the creation of a continuous trench that minimizes the need for bulky joints. Seamless gutters are leak proof and available in all shapes.

Gutters that collect rainwater include mesh screens (aka gutter guard) that reduce the amount of debris collected during a storm. Gutter guards are practical additions that aid in the overall time spent on keeping the channels clean.

Lastly, experts advise homeowners to inspect the pitch of the trough to guarantee that the water is moving downward and not lying still. The minimum pitch required should be a quarter inch for every 10 feet of the roof's edge. If water stands and is not moving, the angle is insufficient and needs repair.

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