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Gutters are instrumental to keeping the roof, walls and home interior safe from water damage. Elk Grove roofing professionals agree that gutters should be inspected about twice a year in the spring and fall, at which time they can be cleared of leaves, pine needles and other debris. It's never a good idea to clean or inspect gutters from the rooftop. Instead, use a sturdy ladder and the buddy system to keep safe from slipping and falling.

When cleaning the gutter from a ladder, start near a downspout and wear work gloves or use a trowel to pick up clumps of accumulated debris; this can go in a bucket or can simply be thrown to the ground for later sweeping. After the biggest debris is removed, move to the far end of the gutter, away from the downspout, and run water down the gutter to clear out finer detritus. If the gutter backs up or fails to drain, the bottom of the downspout may need cleaning, if there is one. Failing this, professional intervention may be needed to break up the blockage.

Gutter backups can be exacerbated by a number of issues, and one may be improper angling or slanting of the gutter. The gutter should slope downward toward the downspout by about one quarter inch for every ten feet of gutter.

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Slope distortions can happen because of missing hangars or screws holding up the gutter, or they may be due to denting or warping of the gutter itself. Support hangers should be placed every two feet along the gutter.

Gutters can also leak, which can be a more serious problem if left unnoticed for too long. Leaks may stem from holes created by rust, or may spring from punctures made by falling branches or icicles. Patching holes can be tricky to do at home, as the patch material must match the gutter material.

Leaks also develop when gutter joints become misaligned or deformed, either causing or caused by sagging elsewhere along the gutter. Sagging can result from the loss of hangers, or ferrules, the long spikes that pass through sleeves to hold gutters upright. Sagging gutters cause the gutter ends to rise up or sink down, putting pressure on gutter joints or pulling those joints apart. It may be difficult to identify the reason for a joint leakage, in which case the best option is to hire an expert to determine how the gutter should be repaired. Sometimes, especially for old houses that haven't received adequate care, replacement is a safer bet than repair.

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