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Elk Grove Roofing: Article About Fixing Leaks With Spray Sealant

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Even the best made roofs can spring a leak from time to time. The average homeowner may get worried about the cost or time required to repair such a problem. However, an experienced and well equipped Elk Grove roofing company can fix a leak or even multiple leaks with the use of a sealant that can be sprayed directly onto the leaks. This allows the roofer to repair the problem areas quickly and at a reasonable cost to the homeowner.

The first thing that a roofer working on a leak will do is thoroughly clean the area. This allows the spray sealant to adhere properly. This step is arguably the most important part of the process as any dirt or debris on the area that is being worked on can prevent the leak from being fixed.

Once the area has been cleaned, the part of the roof surrounding the area needs to be covered to avoid being saturated in overspray. The overspray can damage the parts of the roof that are in good shape and should only be used on leaks.

Next, the roofer will wash the affected areas with a solution of bleach and water. This will kill any mold that may have grown as a result of the leak.

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An experienced roofer will take care when doing this as the solution is quite toxic.

The area must now be prepared for the sealant. This is accomplished by lightly sanding the leaking part of the roof with rough sandpaper. This ensures that the sealant will adhere to a greater degree. When this is done, it is finally time for the roofer to apply the sealant itself.

Roofers will generally wear masks and other protective gear when using leak sealant. As previously mentioned, it is quite toxic. Exposure to the chemical may cause the worker to become sick.

The roofer holds the can of sealant roughly 18 inches from the leak and sprays one light coat. Most roofers will then inspect the leak to make sure it is fully covered with the sealant. After doing this, the worker will apply two or three additional coats. The number and thickness of these coats depends on the severity of the leak. Professionals generally make sure that the area within three or four inches of the leak is covered as well. This provides protection if the leak expands.

The last step of the process is removing the overspray, which the roofer does by wiping the affected areas with a rag doused in mineral spirits. This must be done immediately after spraying or the sealant will dry. If this happens, the roof may be damaged.

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