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Imagine for a moment that it is the time of year where a roof needs inspecting. It's time to contact an Elk Grove roofing professional to assess the health of a roof to ensure that the home it is protecting is adequately secure from nature and other elements. So just what does a roof inspector look for when performing an inspection?

Every roof inspection should be thorough and complete. This includes both an interior and exterior check of the roof. A good roof inspector should be getting an up close and personal look at a roof to check for common signs of damage and weathering. This includes examining roofing materials, connecting structures, peaks, valleys, flashings, chimneys, vents and any other additional structures a roof may have such as skylights or roof dormers.

Following an external inspection, it is now time to inspect the underside of a roof from inside the attic. Things an inspector will look for will be indications of roof damage from above. Such things include waterlogged or rotting wood, other signs of moisture, mold and potential pest infestations, proper ventilation and proper insulation.

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All of these factors are necessary in order for a roof inspector to create a plan for a homeowner to ensure the health of their home's roof.

Following the initial inspection, a roof inspector will then go over the findings with the homeowner in order to create a plan of action for remedying any issues that may have been found. Every homeowner should expect an itemized list of exactly what services to expect and materials needed for the job. The breakdown will include estimates for labor and materials, timeframes for completing the projects and other important information such as product recommendations and available warranties.

Inspection reports can also be converted into contracts when the homeowner signs and accepts materials and terms, but this can also be done on a separate document. However the follow up takes place, every homeowner should receive a transparent report of what problems exist, if any, and the contractor's recommendations for remedying them or for keeping a roof healthy.

Following the evaluation, a homeowner should be fully informed of the problems their roof has and aware of the cost and timeframe required to get the job done. In addition, if a homeowner is not ready to have repairs performed, an inspector should be able to tell them how much time their roof has left, if any, in its present condition and the potential costs that could build up down the line.

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