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Elk Grove Roofing: Article About Decision To Reroof Or Tear Off

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At some point, just about every homeowner is going to face the prospect of needing a new roof. Whether it is the result of an aging roofing system or due to extensive storm damage, professional Elk Grove roofing services can help ensure quality results.

There are many things to consider when contemplating a new roof. Of course, one important factor for most homeowners will be budget. A new roof is definitely a big investment and can run thousands of dollars, even for a modest sized home. This financial commitment can sometimes be more than a homeowner is willing or able to invest at the time.

Due to budget restraints, some homeowners will find that reroofing is their best solution. While this practice does have its downside, it also offers some important benefits for the homeowner. For example, sometimes, a homeowner with an asphalt shingle roof can choose to simply reroof rather than pay the added expense of tearing off all of the old roofing materials. This can help them save a significant amount of money, making the installation of a new roof much more affordable.

While helping to cut costs can certainly be a major incentive for reroofing, it is important that the homeowner also understand how this practice can affect everything from energy efficiency to the longevity of their new roof.

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When a second layer of shingles is installed over the first layer, the roof is generally less efficient. It can trap heat between the layers of shingles, resulting in higher cooling bills.

Another problem with reroofing comes from the fact that laying a second layer of shingles on a roof can add a significant amount of weight. It also makes it impossible to inspect the roof decking and make any necessary repairs before the new shingles are installed. This can lead to problems down the road, especially if the decking is beginning to rot or is in need of other repairs.

The primary reason most homeowners opt for reroofing rather than a complete tear off is that they want to save money. This is certainly understandable; however, a homeowner should keep in mind that higher energy bills and a shortened lifespan for the new shingles should also be factored into their overall roofing costs. Shingles that are installed over the previous roofing materials typically don't last as long as shingles that are installed on a cleared roof deck with new underlayment.

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