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Elk Grove Roofing: Article About Creating A Roof Replacement Budget

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Roofs are the first lines of defense that protect homes from hot sun, rain, wind and other elements on a daily basis. Over the years, wear and tear will eventually cause a roof to become less efficient at providing this vital protection. A roof can last anywhere from 12 to 50 years in average conditions, so replacement may be needed when time runs out and the roof starts causing irreparable problems. Although some Elk Grove roofing companies are more affordable than others, replacing an entire roof will always be a big financial investment.

Remodeling Magazine recently reported that the national average roof replacement cost is between $19,000 and $35,000. Since most homeowners don't have this kind of cash just laying around, creating a budget in advance is essential to avoid scrambling for loose change. First, it's advised that homeowners request written estimates from at least three roofing professionals. Though every penny counts, don't settle for choosing the cheapest bid. Look for reputable roofing companies with certified training, licensing, installation experience and good warranty coverage.

Roofing materials that homeowners choose have a big impact on the size of their budget.

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From wood shakes to concrete and clay, there's several material options available that all come with their own pros and cons. For instance, asphalt shingles are relatively inexpensive, but they need to be replaced more often than the more costly metal roofing. Homeowners should also account for the cost of materials like plywood, roofing felt and bitumen for an accurate budget.

Everyone hopes that their roof replacement will go smoothly; however, creating a true budget plan will require that homeowners prepare for unexpected woes. Roofers may find that gutters need to be replaced or a delay pops up when a storm hits. That's why it's recommended that homeowners add at least 10 percent to calculated costs to leave room in their budget for glitches. Plan to stay on track with this budget by regularly communicating with the roofers about additional costs being accrued.

Once homeowners have reached a total roof replacement cost, they'll need to estimate their income and other expenses to plan how much must be saved every month. Cutting costs on unnecessary household costs may be necessary to send extra savings towards the roof replacement. If needed, consider signing a financing agreement with the chosen roofing company. When all of these steps are taken, homeowners can proceed in replacing their roof with confidence that the expenses won't be breaking their bank account.

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