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There are many reasons why a homeowner may wish to purchase and install a skylight. Skylights can provide light for rooms that do not receive a lot of natural sunlight, they can provide natural heat depending on the type of skylight and they can make the room appear more open. However, there are many different brands and sizes to choose from. If the wrong skylight is chosen or if the skylight is not properly installed, the roof and the home's structure could become damaged and cost the homeowner a large amount for repairs. If homeowners are considering whether or not to install a particular type of skylight, an Elk Grove roofing contractor can help them make the choice that works best for their homes.

Skylights can come in at a number of different price points. In general, the cheaper the skylight, the more likely they are to break or cause the roof to leak. High-quality curbed skylights are designed to prevent leaks when they are properly installed. Additionally, many of the skylights have energy efficient glazing that keeps the amount of heat that enters through these windows to a minimum. Many of these skylights also have flashing kits that can help make the installation easier.

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In addition to the price points, there are also different types of skylights. Some are meant to assist with venting and can actually open. Others are fixed and cannot open. If the skylights are in easy reach locations, a skylight that vents may be an appropriate option for a homeowner. If the skylight is installed in the roof and there is no easy access, it can be a pain to have to close them. In these cases, a fixed skylight may be a better option.

Finally, the roof structure itself is also something that must be considered when a homeowner is choosing a skylight. For example, the contractor will need to take into account how far apart the rafters are, if the roof needs repairs prior to the install and access to the roof. Depending on these factors, the amount of time it may take to install the skylight may be a single day or it can be several days.

There are many homeowners who wish to install their new skylight themselves. Generally, this is not recommended due to the amount of damage a bad installation job can cause to the roof. Leaks could lead to damaged roof components, damaged wall components and the growth of mold and mildew. It is also recommended that the installation be completed by a trusted roofer.

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