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Elk Grove Roofing: Article About Benefits Of A Green Roof

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The remodeling of a roof tends to come with many considerations. While many place their primary focus on the look of the roof and how it will aesthetically compliment the home, one option that should be considered is that of a green roof. A green roof is an eco friendly choice that can bring many energy efficient benefits to a home when installed by an experienced Elk Grove roofing company.

A surprising benefit of a green roof is noise reduction. A green roof is particularly soundproof due to the unique combination of soil, layers of trapped air and plants. For those who live in heavily populated areas or near airports, green roofs provide a tranquil, quiet environment in an otherwise noisy area.

A green roof that has been installed by an experienced green roofing company can easily extend the life of the underlying roof by two or three times the normal lifespan. This is because a green roof is made of material that shields the underlying roof from the elements. This level of protection practically eliminates the limited lifespans of a traditional roof.

The expert roofers from Allstate Roofing of Elk Grove can assist you with any questions regarding skylights or storm damage.

Green roofs are far more energy efficient than traditional roofs and can provide a drastic reduction in the home's heating and cooling costs. The roof provides a unique defense against harsh elements and creates a more stabilized and comfortable temperature in the home.

Storm water management is a crucial benefit of utilizing a green roof. It retains rainwater, which is utilized by the plants. The water is then released back into the atmosphere through the natural process of evaporation. For any water that does run off, the roof acts as a filter, making the water that does reach the ground less toxic for the environment. By decreasing the amount of runoff, green roofs help to lessen the impact on sewer systems during months when the flow would be heavier.

Besides being more energy efficient and sturdier than a traditional roof alone, a green roof offers a beautiful addition to a home that is unlike any other. There are endless possibilities to the plants that can be utilized for a green roof. Unique color choices and plant varieties can be combined to create an extraordinarily beautiful appearance to any home. Additionally, the plants can be changed relatively easily to create a whole new look whenever the homeowner chooses. It is a unique feature that can turn an ordinary house into an exquisite home.

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