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Elk Grove Roofing: Article About Advantages and Disadvantages Of Gutter Guards

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The home's gutter system serves an extremely important purpose; the gutters collect rainwater that slides down the roof and redirects it to the ground. This way, water is not sinking into the ground directly around the foundation of the home. However, leaves, sticks and other organic litter can also be swept into the gutters during rainstorms. This organic debris can cause major clogs in both the gutters and the downspouts, leading to potential water damage to the home's roof, siding and even foundation. While there is a variety of gutter guards that have been designed to alleviate this problem, they do have some downsides. An Elk Grove roofing contractor can assist with providing information about different types of guards and their advantages and disadvantages.

Most gutter guards have some form of grill or grating that sits on top of or in the gutter. This grating traps large clumps of leaf litter and twigs that could cause clogs to form. The main advantage to this is that the guards keep the organic materials out of the gutter system, ultimately reducing the amount of cleaning that gutters need. This is also helpful if assistance is needed to clean out the gutter; following a damaging rainstorm, the homeowner can wait a few days until a roofer is available to come out to clean the gutters without having to worry about a potential clog that could cause damage should another storm occur in the meantime.

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The major downside to these guards is that the guards do not make the gutters invincible. Many homeowners who have the guards installed or who install the guards themselves often believe that this means that the gutters will never have to be cleaned again. That is not the case; some guards can become clogged themselves. It can also be more difficult to clean the gutters as the guards may have to be removed. It is still a good idea to inspect the gutters in the fall when the leaves are falling or after a major rain or wind storm.

In general, determining if gutter guards are beneficial for a home really depends on the home and the homeowner. For example, two story homes may benefit from having gutter guards installed because the upper level gutters can be difficult to reach for regular cleaning. Additionally, homeowners who are not physically able to clean the gutters regularly may choose this option. Talk to a professional contractor to see if gutter guards are right for a particular situation.

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