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Wood shingles can be a very efficient roofing option as long as the homeowner is willing to invest time in its regular maintenance. While most wood shingles do not need to be maintained more than once every two or so months, it is important to not fall behind on inspections to make sure that structural problems do not snowball into larger concerns. Davis roofing experts recommend for homeowners to perform the following maintenance procedures to help their rooftops last longer.

All homeowners should try to keep debris from accumulating along their rooftops. When excess leaves and moss begin to build up on the roof, it has two deteriorating effects. First, the debris hinders the roof's ability to shed water efficiently. Second, the debris ends up retaining more moisture, which encourages the growth of wood destroying fungi. When the debris is cleared and the moisture is removed from the equation, the fungi do not have the food they need to grow.

Homeowners can promote drying by removing overhanging branches and getting rid of excessive shade. Tree branches that touch or rub against the roof's surface should be removed immediately, as the mechanical rubbing can wear away at the shingles and loosen the fasteners that hold them. The primary concern that wood shingles have to face is almost always organic.

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If homeowners notice that there is excess growth of moss and lichen on their rooftop, it may be an indicator that there are deeper moisture problems that need to be resolved.

Removing the accumulation of debris can be simple with a garden hose or stiff broom. For smaller rooftops, homeowners can use a ladder to reach the areas that will need the most work and simply sweep away as necessary. For larger rooftops, it is recommended to climb to the top, moving slowly and carefully, to keyways where debris and lichen may accumulate. One of the easiest ways to clear away the roof's surface is with a pressure washer. These can be useful for some types of wood, but other types, such as cedar, may need a gentler wash to prevent the low density frame from being damaged. Excessive use of high pressure water cleaning systems may actually contribute to the problem by eroding away shingles or detaching them. Once the homeowner is at the top of the roof, they may also have an easier time inspecting the surrounding area to make sure that there are no other concerns, such as with the flashing and larger sections of shingles.

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