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The roof endures plenty of pressure from harsh weather and environmental elements each year. The changing seasons can wreak havoc on the structure and cause damage to occur. The winter season is commonly known as the harshest time out of the year due to high winds and heavy rain or snowfall. To prepare the home from damage, there are a few steps to take to winterize the roof with the help of from a Davis roofing professional.

It's important to take a look at the home's rain gutters to inspect them for any leaks and clean them of debris or leaves that may be present. This will prevent excess pressure from weighing down on the structure and preventing proper water flow on the home's roof.

Another important step to take is to cut back tree branches that may be in close proximity to the roof. Tree branches are prone to hit the home during high winds or storms, making it important to cut them back a few weeks before the winter season arrives.

A common problem that occurs is having too much weight on the home due to several of inches of snow that accumulates.

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This can cause sagging to occur and leaks that may develop. If the home has too much pressure for an extended period of time, it can lead to the roof caving in and damaging the interior space of the home.

Leaks that may be present should also be identified to ensure that they can be fixed immediately. Leaks that are neglected during the winter season can cause extreme water damage in the home that leads to mold. This can cost thousands of dollars to repair with the loss of personal items that may need to be discarded.

The flashing on a roof is also an important component that works to protect the interior space. Make it a point to have it inspected to ensure that it's still preventing leaks form developing. If the flashing is worn or damaged, it should be replaced with new metal flashing that will properly seal the chimney or skylight to guarantee that the feature doesn't cause problems with moisture that can get in.

The winter season is an enjoyable time of year to hibernate indoors and enjoy staying warm from low temperatures. It's important to make the roof a priority to prevent leaks from developing to create a home that is well preserved until the spring season arrives.

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